Bike Headlights You Should Be Using

bike headlight

If you are a cyclist that enjoys riding at night, a bike headlight that increases your visibility when it’s dark is one of the most important investments you can probably make as a cyclist. The market is saturated with various type of headlights but there’s a few that will give you the most bang for your buck.

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Critical Massacre 2017

Critical Massacre is the Halloween Edition of the Critical Mass Houston bike ride. Every year, cyclists ride in full costumes celebrating Halloween on the streets. The annual ride is the biggest ride of the year with roughly about 3,000 participants enjoying Halloween on their bikes.

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Critical Mass 25 Year Anniversary Ride

It’s been 25 years since the first Critical Mass originated from San Francisco in 1992. Ever since then, the monthly cycling event has grown worldwide with thousands of loyal following.

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Bicycle Accidents and the Law

It’s no secret that automobile accidents can result in serious injuries, and even though seat belts, reinforced frames, and air bags can go a long way toward heightening the safety of vehicle occupants, sometimes these aren’t enough to prevent severe personal harm. That’s why driving a car or truck always comes with a certain amount of potential danger. For bicyclists, however, the dangers on the road are considerably magnified.

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Fixed Gear Documentary


The first part of In the Fix movie introduces to you what a fixed gear bicycle is and what it’s all about to ride one.

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