10 Critical Mass Commandments

Critical Mass Houston bike ride is the most fun you’ll have while riding your bike. The monthly event draws thousands of bike enthusiasts from all over the city and surrounding suburbs. With this amount of riders, there is bound to be chaos and confusion during the ride.

The infographic below was designed to help make the ride a little safer and enjoyable for everybody. 10 simple steps people, abide by them and everybody wins! Have a safe ride out there.


Critical Mass Houston


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26 Responses to “10 Critical Mass Commandments”

  1. marc

    What an absolute” Shit Show” the bikers completely blow thru the red lights and have no respect for traffic laws. It is just a matter of time before someone is killed. The bikers are a bunch of drunk hooligans. I have contacted H.P.D

  2. Susan Spears

    On Fridays my family and I like to go out to eat and go to the theater in downtown Houston. Twice we have been stopped by your cyclists, once we were walking and the other time we were in the car. The cyclists repeatedly ran through the red light and were horribly rude. I understand that you want respect for cyclists but what about respect for law abiding citizen who just want to cross the street? Why do we have to follow Houston laws and you don’t?

  3. Bob

    If this organized group scoff at traffic laws on a publicized, ride do you think they obey traffic laws the rest of the time??? I’m sure most riders are law obeyers. It only takes a few red light runners to start more to follow them. Most everyday you will see riders run lights some don’t even look to see if cars are coming.And the city wants more bike lanes????

  4. John

    I am an avid biker, and try to obey the rules of the road while biking. And as most know it is a constant battle with drivers who want to run you off the road, hit you with mirrors or throw crap at you. I never understood it till tonight. Critical mass is making my commuting and weekend rides worse. All I saw tonight is a bunch of hooligans who didn’t know the first thing about road safety. Everybody ran lights keeping cars stop for up to 30 minutes on 19th.. People talking up the whole street due to biking in the opposing traffic lane, drinking while biking (didn’t think it was that big of a deal till someone narrowly missed running into my car that was stuck in the same spot for 5 minutes). Finally to get to my destination I had to park and walk across the wave of cyclist, which I would be fine with if there weren’t cyclist on the sidewalk.

    This event needs to be tamed down or shut down. As a cyclist I am excited to see more people out there, but the way the group behaves, I now see why I am a target when I am cycling. The group was to raise awareness, now it is just a big party for a lot of idiots who never get on their bike outside this ride, and the result is they are giving us cyclist a bad reputation and actually fueling the fire that could get us killed. No skin off their back because half of these folks won’t be out commuting on their bike of going out for weekend morning rides.

    I glad there are rules on the website but appearently no one bothers to read them.

    • Mark

      The reason the etiquette/rules says ignore the cars honking is this group knows they’re going to infuriate drivers by ignoring red lights and basic safety. I guess it will take someone getting seriously hurt to change this group’s mindset.

  5. Drew

    Today (Saturday 2/13/2016) at around 2:30pm a bunch of people on bikes were headed south on Smith in Downtown crossing Polk with no escorts or police at the intersection to assist. I didn’t see any events scheduled for Critical Mass in this area today, so have no clue which group this was.

    In any case, the light turned red on them and the bikers continued to enter the intersection for the next 2 minutes, causing near crashes with motorists who had greens but were obstructed. I feel this violated the “don’t ride like a douche” commandment. I ride my bike all the time and stick up for bike rights, and this truly pissed me off when I saw it. People, if the police aren’t there to block traffic, let’s not enter the intersection if it is red, even if this breaks up the parade.

  6. TxBoyMomMD

    I appreciate your focus on safety in your “Ride Etiquette”, FAQ’s and 10 Commandments. This past Friday, however, there were folks RIDING WITH LOADED GUNS (?!!) My friends and I cannot support Critical Mass any longer if that is tacitly or openly condoned. That is a road-rage nightmare and front page headline just waiting to happen, particularly considering how many riders appear intoxicated during and immediately after the ride. PLEASE take a sane & safe stand against firearms on your fantastic rides! We’ll be sitting out your rides and advising others to as well until we hear.

    • Amy

      welcome to Texas. America. “If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.”
      ― Dalai Lama XIV

  7. Sara

    8-28-2015 I got stuck behind your “courteous” cyclist on w. 34th after they decided to ride in both lanes for about two miles. They also ran the lights at Ella and w. 34th. Oh even better they swerved into my lane and I almost hit two rides. Then even better about 10 decided to get into the left turn lane on w. 34th and Alba and sit there for about 5 minutes while the rest of the group rode on. They sat drinking beers, BEERS, EFFEN BEERS while I couldn’t turn down the street I LIVE on because they were too busy taking a beer break in my turning lane and then after 5 minutes I honked and they slapped the hood of my car. Way to go guys. Then they rode away to rejoin the group. About 1/2 of the riders were in all black with NO lights or helmets. I especially loved watching two ride against traffic on W. 34th in the left lane. The 6 people doing loops in the right and left lane, full circles on w. 34th. Yeah safe? I had no problem with cyclist til this. I can’t believe what I saw and experienced. I mean slapping my car???? If this is what critical mass is about, this is a terrible thing for the city.

    • Sara

      I took pictures of this I was so shocked. I actually emailed them to ktrk. Biking and drinking, blocking my ability to get home, slapping my car. Thank god for cameras!

    • Critical Mass Houston

      Sara, the actions of a few idiotic riders doesn’t reflect what Critical Mass is truly about. We try our best to make sure the riders ride in a very safe manner, but with 2,000 riders on the road, we cannot police every single person. When we see such actions you’ve described, we do call them out. Touching other people’s vehicle is definitely one of the things we emphasize for riders not to do. Send your pictures over to us so we can try and identify who these individuals are, we do not condone this kind of behavior.

  8. Steve

    Wow, commandment #8 gets completely ignored. I just watched Critical Mass stream past my apt. At first, I thought, wow, this is cool. But As I watched the bikes continue to stream through the red light at the 3 nearest intersections for 15-20 minutes despite the cars stacking up at their green lights, I started to feel like I was watching the world’s biggest douche parade. At mid pack, there were bikes in 3 and sometimes all 4 of the lanes (that includes the 2 oncoming lanes). I’m all for having fun, but it looked very dangerous.

    • Critical Mass Houston

      Steve this is the safest ride in the city, HPD blocks off certain intersections to allow cyclists to pass through. Join us sometime and help make it better. Riding in the opposite lane is stupid and very dangerous, we rely on other riders to help us correct these individuals.

    • Sara

      I got pics of all of this. Especially of them taking up all lanes when there is no obstacle a head forcing them to be in all lanes.

    • Mark

      They completely ignored the traffic lights tonight at Buffalo Speedway and University for 3 cycles of red lights before some of the traffic was able to get through and stop the parade..

  9. Elizabeth

    Are dogs allowed? I have a 3mo old puppy and think this would be a great socializing and bike awareness exercise for him.

  10. Lindsey

    Yup I’m with Doug on this. You guys ignore traffic laws. I understand Houston needs more bike lanes and you should campaign for that. Do not cut across three lanes of traffic, ride between cars en masse or run red lights. Friday night’s ride was a nightmare. Cars follow laws. Bikes need to follow the laws too. Please get the streets closed off with barricades. People were riding so unsafely with kids in the group! It was horrifying.

    • Mark

      Agreed. They completely ignore traffic lights. Completely unsafe.

  11. Doug

    In your May ride, you demonstrated that you do not stay in the right lane, or ride safely, or obey traffic laws, or share the road. You ignore traffic lights and keep cars pinned in left turn lanes and side streets for a half hour. You represent the worst of biking.

  12. Alejandro


    I don´t understand the “like a female hygiene product” ??

    best regards

  13. Stuart Buchanan

    I was disappointed to see roughly only 1 out of 10 persons wearing a helmet during your ride Aug 29 as I watched the Critical Mass riders along Memorial. I am glad your website stresses the use of a helmet and it is a shame so many of your bikers do not take the idea of being safe while riding more seriously.


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