Critical Mass Friday

August 31, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Guadalupe Plaza Park
2311 Runnels St
Houston, TX 77003
Critical Mass Friday @ Guadalupe Plaza Park | Houston | Texas | United States

Critical Mass Houston is a casual bike ride starting from downtown Houston and going wherever. Cars rule the road every day, but one day a month we get together to celebrate our love for bicycles and have fun riding our bikes. This is generally a slow-paced ride where persons of all skill levels can participate. People start gathering around 6:30 and we roll out around 7:15pm. We’re usually at our final location between 9:30 – 10pm, and each time we try to finish some place fun and hang out for a while.

Meet up on the last Friday of the month between 6:45pm – 7:15pm at Guadalupe Plaza Park 2311 Runnels St, Houston, TX 77003. It happens every month, rain or shine. We’re pretty easy to spot, just look for hundreds of bicycles.




Ride Etiquette

If you’ve never participated in Critical Mass before, please go over the simple instructions listed below:

1   This ride belongs to all of us. Take care of it.

2   Keep the pace/speed being set by the ride leaders at the front of the group. This is not a race.

3   Stay in the right lane whenever possible.

4   Please DO NOT show aggression to vehicles. Drivers may sometimes show their frustration by honking or yelling at the mass. Please ignore them and keep the peace.

5   Drinking is not recommended during the ride. Please save drinking for after. Riding while intoxicated is not safe for you or other riders around you. Also please don’t litter.

6   Please do not ride recklessly. Have fun during the ride but please don’t ride in a way that is unsafe for other riders around you.

7   Have fun and know that each rider represents the entire mass. Help us work to keep a good reputation with the city and drivers that share the road with us.

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57 Responses to “Critical Mass Friday”

  1. Eugene Smith

    Will there be anything done about the drunken shenanigans at your upcoming ride? I ask because the last time that your organization came through my neighborhood three of your riders broke my car’s tail lights with beer bottles. While those can be replaced, one rider stole two of my Biden/Harris yard signs that were autographed. I understand wanting to be seen on the road, but vandalism will not be tolerated.

  2. Guy'in'a'car Driving

    I just have a question, I don’t drive much unless I have to, (in fact I dislike driving a lot). But if I’m at a red light and the light turns green and I hit someone because I start going into the intersection, the police will have to be called and the bicyclist will be cited for not yielding right of way as well as getting legal assistance if there is any damage to the vehicle. If I can say this one thing, be safe riding out there. If there are cars at a green light and you have a red light, protect yourself and stop.

    • Aibek

      I am driver, and I respect your event, but can you also respect the traffic rules, I has kind of emergency situation and have to be at home asap. But cyclists refused to stop at red light and even scratched my right mirror, as a result, I was waiting 3-4 minutes to go through intersection. Can you a little be tolerant for rules?

  3. Terri M

    So basically, the 7/28 ride broke all of the above rules. The ride took up ALL 4 lanes, plus sidewalks. Traffic lights were not obeyed and the riders were aggressive and threatening to the cars who had the right of way. I live out in the country where cyclists continually put themselves and others in danger by riding the center line and blocking miles of one lane roads. I have ridden my horse on urban Houston streets. If I have to obey traffic lights and stop/yield signs on horseback, what makes someone on a bicycle above the law?

    My first encounter with Critical Mass did NOTHING to raise my opinion of cyclists. It’s a shame that the idiots among decent people color the impression one gets of all.

    • Terri M

      Just so I’m clear, cars were forced to wait through at least 5 lights because riders REFUSED to stop. When a car DID try to proceed on their green light, riders kept coming, screamed/yelled/gestured and whipped around in front of the car, some laughing because the drivers were forced to stop to keep from hurting someone.

      I PRAYED for HPD to show and start handing out tickets.

    • Mike Jones

      HPD has been assisting with the ride for over a year now. They block off certain major intersections to allow the riders to pass through. Think about it, if 2500 cyclists stopped at every red light it would cause more traffic and delays. The idea is to get out of the area as quickly as possible.

  4. Jaimy Jones

    I’m trying to reach someone at CM who will talk about the safety measures the group takes and its practices on the road in obeying traffic laws and generally being safe. I’m a reporter for the Houston Chronicle and am writing about an incident recently when a woman’s car was stuck on metro rail tracks as a train approached because CM riders kept coming through the intersection even after the woman had the green light. I would love to talk to anyone so that both sides have a voice in this story. Thanks.

    • Terri M

      Amy, let me guess no one responded. This whole business is dangerous. I’m curious why LEO are not monitoring some of these rides and writing tickets.

    • Rich Dale

      Bicyclists – by law – should be regarded by motorists as pedestrians. Pedestrians -by law – have the right-of-way on all road ways regardless of the situation. Bicyclists die in this town EVERY DAY because of irresponsible motor vehicle operators who are not paying attention and not abiding by the aforementioned law. The critical mass ride is simply a monthly reminder to all motor vehicle operators – by law- MUST BE AWARE that bicyclists are on the road ways and their safety as they would any pedestrian in the road way – with the utmost care and concern. Once a month, motor operators can stop their busy rushed routines and wait, and think about the importance of pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

  5. Landan Kuhlmann


    My name is Landan Kuhlmann, I’m the senior reporter with The Leader newspaper. We were contacted this morning by several residents of Garden Oaks/Oak Forest who were critical of the ride which ran through the area this past Friday night, March 31. There were some pretty harsh comments/criticisms, and I wanted to give y’all the chance to respond. Could someone from your organization please give me a call ASAP to discuss this? My deadline is tomorrow at noon.

    Thank you,

    Landan Kuhlmann
    Senior Reporter, The Leader
    3500 E TC Jester Suite A
    Houston, TX 77018
    Office: 713-686-8494
    Cell: 281-217-0730

    • Landan Kuhlmann

      It is not my concerns, it’s the concerns of some of our residents. and I would like to get a response from your organization to some of the comments. I also sent an email, and I originally believed this avenue would send an email instead of a comment. In addition to having someone reach back out to me. could you please take my comment down off of this? Thank you,

  6. Gloria

    Do you have a map of the ride? Will the ride end close to where it started?

  7. Elizabeth Huber

    I am leaving home now, at 6:55 pm on the last Friday of the month. I looked at your website to find out where the thousands of cyclists would be, to plan a route that would not conflict with yours. But there is no information. So, how am I to SHARE the road with you? Shall I just drive as planned and expect YOU to SHARE the road with ME, if our paths cross? Will you make that commitment? Who do I see about that?

  8. Nicole

    What is the route for tonight’s ride?

  9. Cynthia Portugal

    I have a few questions:
    1. Where can we park?
    2. If we just decide to do half the ride is it easy to circle back to the start?
    3. How many miles is the ride?

  10. Maggie

    Bicyclists have the rights and duties of other vehicle operators: (551.101)
    Yes, this means you have to stop at stop signs and red lights, but cars are required to yield right-of-way to a bicycle when appropriate, just as to any other vehicle.


    • Chris

      Wholeheartedly agree with Maggie. VERY INCONSIDERATE RIDERS! Running lights, flipping off drivers, drinking while riding, riding dangerously. If your group really wonders why drivers hate bicyclists, it’s because of the behaviors I witness from your group today.

  11. Neitra Blair

    Saw the ride today while downtown. Love it love it love it!! To see all the people, children and seniors riding and just having a good time. My fiancé and I will definitely be joining next month.

  12. David Dupuy

    I had my first experience with your group during the April 29 2016 ride – not as a participant but as a driver. I was appalled by your group to say the least. As a person who believes in and practices “share the road” I could not believe the improper behavior of your group. It was a total disgrace to bike riders everywhere. Your group could not even follow basic safety rules of stopping for traffic signals. Many in your group did not have basic lighting for night time riding. This is extremely dangerous…not to mention riding on the wrong side of the roadway and passing vehicles on the wrong side. The hypocrisy of having Texas Bike Laws posted on your website and no one in your group following them is mind boggling. I was so dismayed at the sight of riders totally ignoring bike laws, motorists, pedestrians and city transportation vehicles I contacted Houston PD to lodge a complaint. I think your concept is great but your execution will end up getting someone hurt. There is a better way to enjoy a bike ride.

  13. Adderly Montante

    is there a link to the map route for today?

  14. Elizabeth Huber

    You say that you never post routes for reasons of safety and security of the cyclists. I infer from that statement that you would expect people to do dreadful things if they knew where you were going to be and when, If so, hire police escorts, or otherwise provide for your safety. Those roads are meant to be SHARED. I have a right to be able to get I am going in an efficient manner, even on ride nights. I am willing to plan my route around yours, but to do so, I have to know what your route is. I cannot follow a twitter feed while driving. If I am looking at my smart phone, I am not looking where I am going, and the person most likely to be injured in that case is a cyclist.

    POST the route, just as you depart if you want, but POST it. If this is unacceptable, you need to expect the community to demand that the police enforce traffic laws on your ride nights. Your ride will be a lot less fun if you have to stop for every stop sign and red light. (If the route is really on Twitter in real time, someone who really wishes you harm can get that done just as efficiently on the fly as with a detailed preview. ) Refusing to post seems like a plan to make this ride maximally disruptive to the rest of the community, whose support for cycling you claim to want.

  15. ashley jackson

    Roughly how many miles is the end of the month ride?

  16. Cam

    It’s a joke that you even give token recognition to traffic laws considering your riders flaunt their disregard for traffic laws and everyone else’s safety.

  17. Dalia

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  18. Raviteja

    These pcriutes rock!! What do I love? Let me see: pcriute on the trampoline, standing in trees+sunflare, the last pic in black and white, my tomato tree and oh yeah Dan looking cold in the reception pcriute You guys are amazing! Thanks for the link also!

  19. Elizabeth Huber

    Where can I find the route posted on ride days? I had been out looking at the lights on the Friday after Christmas and got stuck for a LONG time at an intersection while riders passed on a cross street. With cars in front of me and behind me, all I could do was wait for as long as it took for the entire group to pedal past that point. They were ignoring ALL traffic laws, such as stopping for stop lights and stop signs, so there was no safe way to get on with my evening. I have been trapped by the riders before.

    Where can I find bike route, which will be effectively closed once the mass arrives, so as to plan a route that does not cross the riders’ path?

    • Critical Mass Houston

      @Elizabteh – Routes are never posted for security and safety reasons. We post our current location on Twitter during the rides, follow us: @HoustonCM or @MassHouston. Thank you.

  20. Sleepy

    Whats the route for Friday night Oct. 30, 2015

  21. Sleepy

    What is th route for this Friday Oct. 30th?

    • Critical Mass Houston

      Routes are never posted online. Prepare to ride between 17-20 miles. Get on Twitter and follow @HoustonCM or @MassHouston to get the precise location of where the mass is heading to.

  22. Veronica Castaneda

    what to expect @ this months critical mass…Do the riders wear costumes?

    • Critical Mass Houston

      Expect about 3,000+ riders. This is the biggest ride of the month and yes everyone will be expected to wear a costume. There will be an after party at the end of the ride not too far from the starting point.

  23. Cat

    Need better planning for these events. My husband and I experienced a mess of an event in Friday night at the mid-point at the Randall’s at 290 and W.34th. We were driving but we appreciate biking also.
    Don’t plan events near closed roads: That night the problems were exacerbated by construction closing the Antoine underpass of the freeway, so all of the car traffic went to W.34th.
    Follow the Texas laws for bikes: There were also problems caused by dozens bikers riding between lanes of cars, making lane changing a nightmare.
    Furthermore only about half had lights on their bikes and some did not even have reflectors on their bikes for a night ride.
    I see that you have the Texas bike laws on your website but keep educating the bikers did not so they can ride with traffic, not in spite of it. There were a couple of police trying to coordinate traffic, but they were overwhelmed by the hundreds of bikers and therefore almost ineffective.
    You can have fun and bike safely as well. Thank you.

  24. Ramweaver

    Rode my 29in mountain bike in the Mass for the first time this past July it was a blast , we rode about 22 miles according to my bike computer…looking so forward to this Friday ….this represents Houston at its best… men, women ,boys and girls along with people of all ages, races and sizes from all different walks of life doing what we do together ….will ride my FAT BIKE this time….come join us and bring a friend !

  25. Mac

    How many miles is the ride?

  26. George

    Are teenagers allowed to ride? I have a daughter that is 16 yrs old. Thanks

    • Critical Mass Houston

      Children of all ages are allowed, just be aware that they will be riding alongside thousands of riders, safety is always a concern. Make sure your daughter wears a helmet, has lights and she’s comfortable riding with a large group, it can be rather chaotic but she will love it. There’s plenty of other kids during the ride.

  27. Marleny

    I would like to rent a bike. Is there somewhere near?

  28. Skippy

    Will the bike ride start and end at the same place this month?

  29. Evan

    Super excited for my first Critical Mass tomorrow! What is the best place to find other social rides around Houston?

  30. Daphne

    I’m interested in attending Critical Mass this Friday, and as a first-time rider, am concerned that I might not make it all the way–trying to be realistic. Do you ride full circle back to the original start point, or to another ending (fun place) destination. I’d like to know where to leave my car.

    • Critical Mass Houston

      @Daphne – Yes the ride always makes it back to Market Square Park. This is a slow paced ride, children have done it with ease. prepare to ride anywhere between 15 – 25 miles. There are plenty of parking around Market Square park. There is a parking garage across the street for $5.

  31. Jason

    Hi, just wanted to know where is the end location for Critical Mass this week?

    Thank you!


  32. juan

    Where is the midpoint for march 27?

  33. Esther Elizondo

    Does the ride start and end at the same location?

    • Critical Mass Houston

      Yes starts at Market Square Park ends at Market Square Park. Sometimes it ends at one of the bars on Washington, but it’s only about 2-3 miles away from MSP.

  34. Shantell

    Spotted the mass today at crosstimbers.. Pretty cool concept! Definitely planning on joining in the near future! 🙂

    • Critical Mass Houston

      @Shantell there are also plenty of other social bike rides in Houston, join those too and meet some cool people. Hope you make it out to the mass soon!

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