• Q What are the rules or guidelines for the ride?
    A The number one rule is Ride Safe. Check out the Critical Mass Commandments for additional info.

  • Q Are there bike rentals available?
    A Yes! There are multiple B-Cycle Stations located in and around the park.

  • Q What kind of bike should I use for the CM ride?
    A We welcome all types of bicycles!

  • Q What is the route and where is the final stop?
    A The route differs every month and will not be provided due to safety concerns, the last stop is usually a couple miles away from the starting point.

  • Q How many miles is the ride and what is the pace?
    A Mileage is typically between 18-25 miles with slow to medium pace.

  • Q Can I take my children to the ride?
    A Yes you can, but know that there is a good possibility that they may get exposed some things you may not necessarily be comfortable with.

  • Q Besides my bike, what else do I need to take with me to the ride?
    A Bring a spare tube, tools, water, front and back lights.

  • Q Should I wear a helmet?
    A We highly encourage everyone to wear helmets for their own safety.

  • Q What if I get a flat and don’t have any spare tube or tools?
    A You should’ve paid attention to this FAQ! J/K Someone is always there to give you a helping hand.

  • Q How safe are these rides?
    A It is very safe as long as you are paying attention to your surroundings.

  • Q When is the Critical Mass ride again?
    A Critical Mass always happen at the last Friday of each month. We ride during rain, shine, or tsunami!