Houston Dynamo Bike Ride

We will have good amount of people doing this ride and enjoying watching our boys in orange play! So come on out! For 25 bucks you get your ticket, 2 beers, and cool ride through town to the game! Call Josh Givens for ticket sales! See you guys there!

Houston Dynamo



2 Responses to “Houston Dynamo Bike Ride”

  1. Alex

    So, tonight 05/30/14 I just went from being neutral to opposed to your organization. There are plenty of side streets and bike trails you can use to hold your events. I do not appreciate being given the finger for idling along more than 10 feet (more than one car length as there was one to my right front with plenty of buffer space before and behind) behind one of your riders on my way home after work. I was irritated at waiting through three green traffic signals but, sat there patiently as home was 4 blocks away. So, eventually the police allowed traffic to proceed. Then wham! Out of no where and for no obvious reason the rider turns around and I get the finger. So, it is my declaration tonight to join any petition, counter movement, or action to remove police funding from your crossing guards and have you moved to side streets. Thank you, Alex.

    • Alex

      Correction, the car was left front as the rider was off the right front.

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