January Ride



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    Wir sind Helden – Soundso U2 – Beutiful Day REM – Daysleeper Cab Calloway – Minnie The Moocher Reinhard Mey – Ãœber den Wolken RHCP – Snow (Hey Oh) MMW – Willenlos 2raumwohnung – 36 Grad Tocotronic – Kapitulation Snow Patrol – Shut your eyesMüsste auch mal wieder ein bisschen mehr laufen, gerade jetzt hätte ich ja Zeit…

  2. Kumuyi

    Guys guys GUYS! WTF is the problem? A few days a few weeks jesus finukcg CHRIST it is not the end of the world, nor is Peter doing anything wrong. For those who booked time off work read a book! or climb an accessible mountain! Do something different productive instead of whining. The game is almost here. I’d say patience is a virtue but it isn’t that just GROW THE HELL UP! Peter’s games are quality. It obviously doesn’t happen over-night. As some other posters mentioned, it isn’t an exact science. Anything artistic can’t be, by definition. There is more to life that Gemcraft as I’m sure Peter now is only too painfully aware. I can confidently say that the game will be excellent, but only if it’s released when it’s ready. Nobody wants a rushed game look at the majority of the AAA’ titles released buggy, thrown-together clap-trap.Right. Rant over. I know there are plenty of decent rational posters here too, and indeed, plenty of patient rational people simply WAITING. As excited as I am about this game, I pity anyone who cannot catch a grip of reality long enough to understand things as they are. And this, guys, is nothing really.


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