This is a list of ongoing consistent rides. Please note: Please be flexible with your expectations of the ride, since the leaders are volunteering and sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Please make sure you bike is in good working order and you come prepared for flats and small maintenance issues.

Read the descriptions of the rides thoroughly and know your limits.

Wearing a helmet is definitely a freedom of choice issue and CM recommends you always wear one. Please bring front and rear lights on night rides, it seriously lowers the chances of crashes with cars and your own ability to see road hazards.


39 Responses to “Houston Weekly Bike Rides”

  1. Bull Inc.


    How often do you update this site. I see that the tonights Critical Mass is starting from Market Square @ 7pm…is that so or is the new start at Guadalupe Park at 7:30pm.
    I also showed up to The Cardinal Ride @ 6:30am a few weeks ago and no one was there. Is this ride still current?
    Please confirm…Thanks

  2. Bill Riley

    You guys suck!!!
    One nite a month you get to use HPD resources to ride around (1) disobeying all traffic rules (2) creating traffic jams (3) blocking law-abiding shoppers from leaving parking lots.
    This city has a better use for those police officer than dealing with the unsafe conditions you are creating.
    Even with HPDs best efforts, you are putting bikers in unsafe conditions AT NIGHT, on darkened roads..
    Instead of instilling good will in the community towards bike riders, you are having the opposite effect.
    Your bright idea sucks!
    Stop it.!

  3. Ash

    Hello! I’m very interested in the ride regarding the post that said
    “Catalina Coffee Ride
    Thu, June 28, 5:30am – 7:00am

    Catalina Coffee, 2201 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007, USA (map)

    (Unconfirmed Ride! Contact me to provide official description)
    23 miles, 22-24mph pace”

    Since it was recommended to contact you guys, here I am. Is this going to happen? This would be my first official “ride” and it sounds perfect.

  4. Andres santamaria

    Hey guys, I’ll go to Houston for improving my level English, I’d like to look for groups in Houston with which I can practice MTB, I’ll be in Houston for 3 months since September, I appreciate your information

  5. Chad

    Is the Monday night, Monday Madness ride still run at 7:20pm out of same location?

  6. cscott

    Is there a contract from which I can get more info about the Saturday mtb ride?

  7. Winston J

    Please add the Monday Margarita Ride 2nd Monday of every month at 7pm Bar Louie The Woodlands. Social pace 13-15 miles, lights required, all levels of riders, no drops.

  8. Bruce Gilbert

    Bike Medicine has 6 rides a week leaving from our office! Monday thru Thursday, 6:30PM Saturday & Sunday 7:30AM.
    Weekday road training ride routes are 18.5, 20 or 24 miles.. Weekend rides are 38 to 65 miles.. These are for road bikes. All usual safety equipment required. Lights at night are a must. Lots of experienced riders go with us. Happy to share knowledge and methods.

    After the weekend rides most folks like to learn to clean and service their bikes using our maintenance products. Our cleaning method will get a bike done in ten minutes or less.

  9. Emil Herran

    I’ll be in Houston next week and I was hoping to join some rides if possible. I’m specifically interested on either the Tuesday Night Worlds or the West End Memorial Park ride. I would love to ride on Monday as well, but after racing all weekend, probably looking for more of a recovery type of ride. Any information you could provide would be useful. I’m assuming the Tuesday night rides require lights, right? Also, which one of those two Tuesday rides would you recommend, or is there a better alternative? I can handle any speed or distance and I can take care of myself, just looking for a little guidance


    • Critical Mass Houston

      If you’re going to be inside the city limits, we recommend No Promises Ride, Bike Barn’s Green Light Express, Bicycle World – West U Tuesdays or West End Memorial Park Start. These rides should be rolling at 20mph and above.

  10. Anon

    iCycle on Wed night starts at 6:30 not 7:00

  11. Patty Brimlow

    Just in case someone is interested there is a Houston Bicycle Museum at 1313 Binz, Houston, Texas 77004.

    Here’s the phone number: 713-459-4669. For information::

    It’s in the Museum District next to the Holocaust Museum. Ask for Joy.

  12. Jon Crane

    Good morning & great site!

    I am traveling down to Houston in a couple weeks 11-13 to 11-18. Looks like west bike scene has a Wens. evening ride. I can bring a light and shoes is there a shop I can rent a bike from? I am staying at Houston CityCentre.

    Thanks, Jon Crane

  13. Bruce Gilbert

    Bike Medicine Ride

    Leave from Bike Medicine’s office in SW Houston. 10511 Windsor Lane, #103, Houston 77031. Near West Airport and Murphy Rd. 1 kilometer south of 59 and Wilcrest (Murphy Rd)

    Excellent roads all the way out to Fulshear and Simonton if you want long miles. Routes from 12 to 100+ miles. Parking is plentiful. Clean bathroom at Bike Medicine.

    Weekdays (Mon-Thurs) 6:30PM +-20 miles
    Saturday, Sunday 8AM 12-100 miles

    We have a wide range of abilities showing up. All the way from pros to new riders and everything in between. If you want fast, we have fast. If you want relaxed, we have relaxed. Maps are provided.

    This is a road training ride, show up with the appropriate bike and gear. We are very safety oriented. No helmet, no ride… period. During the week, you must have working lights on your bike. Make sure you have a well equipped saddle bag too. Our riders are very skilled and disciplined. We leave together, we return together.

    After the weekend rides you can clean and service your bike using our products. We do this to demonstrate how our stuff works. Learn to clean and detail your bike in ten minutes flat! Most of the better shops in town sell our stuff. Try it out over here, buy it from them.

    RSVP on Fridays to: 281-561-7499 or

  14. Michelle

    Cyclists getting into a mob mentality and completely ignoring traffic laws is a huge problem. Pedestrians still walk downtown during these events, and when cyclists ignore red lights, pedestrians are in danger of being hit. Speaking from my first hand experience tonight when some riders weren’t even looking ahead of them, and didn’t seem fazed by my husband and me trying to cross the road. Everyone focuses on rider safety, but apparently pedestrians who obey traffic laws don’t matter.

  15. Bryan Wirwicz

    Can anyone tell me when the next H2G ride is? I can NEVER find the announcement. Thank you!

  16. Elizabeth Huber

    I see from your FAQ that the route is published on your Facebook page, but Google searching Facebook, Critical Mass, Houston brings up only an unofficial page, not affiliated with or endorsed by CM, according to the page information.
    Please provide a link on your public website that will allow people who are not registered in the Facebook system to access the page with the route.

    Thank you for your kind consideration of the needs of drivers who want to be able to arrive at destinations in a timely manner on ride nights.

    • Critical Mass Houston

      The ride only happens once a month, last Friday of every month. If you’re going to be close to the downtown area around 7pm, expect to be delayed a few minutes.

    • Elizabeth Huber

      “If you’re going to be close to the downtown area around 7pm, expect to be delayed a few minutes.”

      That is not quite descriptive of the actual situation. It is not “a few minutes”, It is a quarter hour or more, because cars have to wait for all the riders, from the pace setters to the last stragglers.

      I was in the River Oaks area, not really “close to downtown” on the last Friday of December and got stuck for 15 minutes while waiting for The Mass to pass. If I had a theater ticket or other firm time limit, I would NEED to know how to avoid losing a quarter of an hour to the rolling traffic obstacle. If the Mass broke into several groups, to let the vehicular traffic clear, this would not be a problem. But the riders form a continuous stream that ignore all traffic controls like stop signs and red lights. If there is a car behind me when I come to an intersection with the ride route, I am stuck until everyone passes.

      PLEASE post the route PUBLICLY so that I can SHARE the road with you. It is unreasonable to ask that I simply plan on adding a quarter hour to any route that comes within biking distance of Market Square on the last Friday night of every month. That is a large part of the area Inside the Loop, The ride does not just take over the roads on the route, but effectively closes every intersection, thereby closing the cross streets at the ride route. Defying all traffic laws is an odd way to demand that drivers be more careful of observing them.

      If you want support from the vehicular community, you need to demonstrate an interest in actually sharing the roads. Asking to be told what roads you plan to effectively close seems like a reasonable form of “sharing the road”, which is what the cycling community keeps asking for. Ambushing the rest of the community is not sharing. Keeping the route secret is not sharing.

      Please post the route on your website so that people can use their chosen form of transportation and arrive at their intended destinations on time.

  17. Joanna Laufer

    Hello everyone! I work with the owners of the shopping center at the SE corner of Antoine and Little York, our property is part of the newly extended White Oak Bayou Bike Trail. We are trying to connect with, and support the local biking community and initiative towards a more pedestrian and biker friendly Houston. We are trying to bring in more biker-centric businesses as tenants, and need your help! Please help supportus – we want to be the pioneers sparking change as the very first privately owned commercial property to actively cater to Houston bikers and support this direction. I am open to any ideas and input – please reach out to me directly. Joanna Laufer – 832-396-1140

  18. Bianca

    I cannot be there for the leave time at 7:15pm. How can I catch up with critical mass at a later time? Thanks

  19. Shannon

    I’m stationed near both Tomball and Herman Memorial Gessner Rd for days to weeks and so I’m looking for groups to ride with.

    I’ve heard that the Memorial Park picnic loop and Zube Park rides are good. Are those close to where I am stationed and do you all have a ride that does those?

    Northwest Cycling has also been recommended but I don’t know where they ride and how far or fast. I tend to be a sprinter, by heart, training up to 35 miles. My recovery pace is about 15.5 and my moderate is just under 18 mph (like 17.6). So I’m not at all slow but not elite.

    Thank you, in advance, for your direction.

  20. daniel sternthal

    Is the ride on for Friday or is it rained out?

  21. Ronnie Hearren

    I was hit by a mini truck in December the guy fled the scene. I have photos of his truck and my bike to prove he hit me. The guy even hid when I arrived at his house to confront him. Our great legal system doesn’t want to do anything because I cannot identify him. I did recognize his truck so that should be enough. Cops don’t want to do anything and neither does Jim Adler… LOL! I’m lucky to be alive this guy specifically ran the red light as the other cars were stopped.

    I’m happy to still be here and able to bike, but I think it would be awesome to have Critical Mass make the first stop one day at his house. Not to harm him, but to simply have a peaceful protest in front of his house. I can supply pics of everything if anyone would like to see.

    My email is

  22. EEw

    Please add s weekly Wednesday no drop rides that start @6pm around alabama and joanel..22 miles at 18m/hr pace

  23. Scott Dammitt

    Please add this to the calendar for each Wednesday:
    Noffwess Social Cycling Scene, 7pm @ Northwest Cycles – 290 & Jones, 20-ish miles, 16mph pace.

    • Scott Dammitt

      Also please remove Cypress Critical Mass, that has been superseded by the weekly Noffwess ride on Wednesdays.